Day in the Life of a Blake's Seed Based Marketing Intern

 Day in the Life as a    Blake's Seed Based       Marketing Intern

Hello everyone! My name is Mackenzie, and this summer I am so lucky to be a Marketing Intern for Blake's Seed Based. Having food allergies myself, I know what it is like to struggle finding snack options without spending hours in a grocery store. Blake's Seed Based snacks are not only healthy and delicious, but they make snacking SO much simpler. My favorite snacks from Blake's Seed Based are the Blueberry Lemon Snack Bar and the Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Treat!

I love this internship because it allows me to work along an amazing team who I have learned so much from already. While most of the activities I do are online, my job always varies from day to day, so I'm ready to bring you all along with me!


One of my most important responsibilities is to coordinate the mailing of influencer and PR boxes and sending samples to possible distributors. This task can take as little as one hour, or up to four hours depending on how many people I need to ship to! Although shipping might not sound like that much fun, I love to pack boxes while listening to my favorite podcast or music!

  Create TikTok Videos

Creating videos for TikTok is fun because it allows me to show off my creativity. This week, I made a healthy banana split recipe using Blake's Seed Based Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Treat! I had a great time making the video, and I cannot wait to make the recipe again.

 Engage on Social Media

Engaging on social media is very important because it can create a greater brand awareness which can attract new customers and reach a new audience. I use Instagram to comment on other Allergy-Friendly accounts and to direct message influencers to send samples to promote our products. I also find other vegan food brands to do co-branded giveaways with!

Design Instagram Story   Templates and Inserts

I use the website Canva a lot to design templates for Instagram stories and blog posts. Also, when Blake's Seed Based releases new flavors of their snacks, I make an insert to put in PR and influencer boxes with photos and information about the new flavor. In this photo, I made an insert about our Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Treats!

    Write Blog Posts

I post one blog each week here on ouwebsite. I love writing blog posts because it allows us to connect with our target audience and gives them a behind-the-scenes look into our company. The most recent blog post I wrote was about the Best Allergy-Friendly Bloggers and Resources! 

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