Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Based Protein

Protein is an important component of any diet. Protein helps keep you full longer, and is important for muscle maintenance and growth. Here at Blake's Seed Based, our bars are made from seeds and pea protein (extracted from yellow peas) to provide 15 grams of natural fuel. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Protein:

  • Clean protein source for Vegans or Vegetarians 
  • Allergen and Lactose Free 
  • Environmentally friendly (more sustainable process vs animal-based protein production) 
  • Supports weight loss (typically lower calories per gram than animal-based protein)
  • Easily digestible (dairy free & nothing artificial =easier on digestive system)                           

Don't just take it from us...

Chocolate Mint Protein Bar

"Lots of protein but no nuts! Perfect for me. I love chocolate and these bars did not disappoint. Delicious!"

-Marilyn Barrett

Mango Lemon Protein Bar

"These bars are fresh, taste great, healthy, and perfect for a snack on the trail. Love these bars."

-Philip J Faraci 

Powerful Fuel

Plant-based protein is a great option to fuel your favorite workout, whether it is running, lifting, yoga, snowboarding or kickboxing. Playing Pond Hockey at 10,000 feet? Even better. 

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  • Sounds interesting! I will try Blake Seed Based protein.


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