Best Allergy-Friendly Bloggers and Resources

Best Allergy-Friendly Bloggers and Resources

Food is an essential part of life and having a food allergies can be limiting. This is why Blake's Seed Based was created, to provide healthy, allergy-friendly snacks without sacrificing flavor and taste. An estimated 32 million Americans have been diagnosed with food allergies and that number is rising. The eight most common food allergens are peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, and sesame. 

With the increase of food allergies, bloggers and brands are spreading awareness and sharing ways on how they enjoy foods that are free-from allergens.


Lauren Less


Lauren is a wellness advocate and creates delicious GF/DF/egg-free + plant-based recipes. She is also based in Chicago! Our favorite recipe that she created are her Lemon Chia Cookies

Why do you love Blake's Seed Based?

"I love Blake's Seed Based because they are so allergy-friendly and allows me to enjoy one of my childhood favs again"🥰

Renia Butler 


Renia highlights delicious, allergy-friendly recipes and discusses tips on motherhood!  She specializes in allergy- friendly food for even the pickiest of eaters! Our favorite recipe from Renia are her GF Raspberry Oat Bars!

Why do you love Blake's Seed Based?

"Their Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats are my new obsession. Their fruit bars are the perfect on-the-go snacks." 

Jennifer Harris 


If you are new to being Gluten-Free, Jennifer has you covered! She reviews  products and creates guides on allergy-friendly restaurants. She also is soy and diary-free. We love finding new, allergy- friendly products from her!

Why do you love Blake's Seed Based?

"Their pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seed based treats are seriously delicious and free of the top 8 allergens. A healthful treat will all the taste."



Spokin is an app that is the ultimate allergy resource. It provides tips, restaurants, brands, and products that are all allergy-friendly! It has everything you would ever need to help guide you through your allergies!

Living Allergic

Living Allergic is a website and a magazine. It is a leading voice on food allergies and includes the latest news, recipes, tips on managing food allergies, and even an ask the allergist. We love being up to date and learning more about food allergies!

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