Week in Review 1/10/20

Week in Review 


Minneapolis PRThank you to the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal for sharing our story this week! We focused on a Minneapolis PR initiative to spread awareness that we have launched in over 50 locations there. PR is an amazing, low cost way to advertise for us, and we are very grateful to the journalists that support us.  Read our article here!

Front Panel ChangesWhen we launched in retail, we realized the only thing consumers see on the shelf is the Front Panel of the box. Our box was not showcasing our product. We didn’t stand out, the text was illegible from a distance, and the consumer couldn't tell what the product was. We decided to make functional changes to help us stand out on shelves, and for customers to quickly realize why they should pick up the bar. We enlarged the logo, made the flavor clearer with bold font and corresponding color, and added a photo of the bar with the callout of Seeds + Fruit. Once they pick it up, the bar wrapper further explains the benefits and story of the bar!

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