Allergy Adventure- Lisa Horne

At Blake’s Seed Based, our mission is to make healthy, allergy-friendly snacks without sacrificing taste. Our founder, Blake Sorensen, has a nut allergy which is why he created a snack company that everyone can enjoy, no matter the food allergy. We're increasing allergy awareness by learning about other people's food allergies and their own #AllergyAdventure.
Here we interview Lisa Horne, a food allergy mom and creator of the blog Food Allergy P.I. She also has a following of over sixteen thousand on her Instagram page where she shares holistic nutrition, food allergy finds, reviews, recipes, and tips & tricks on how to navigate food allergies.
1.  Tell us about yourself and your food allergies. What is your #AllergyAdventure?
 "I am a homeschooling mom of 5 kids ages 3, 6, 8,11, and 13. My oldest, Stetson, is the only one of my children with food allergies. He is anaphylactic to peanut and shellfish. My husband also suffers from fibromyalgia and subsequently has many food intolerances, and while not life-threatening like my son's allergies, they can become quite debilitating. While my son's food allergies remain constant, my husband suffers from what is known as leaky gut, and his intolerances change from time to time, including everything from gluten, corn, beef, onion, tomato, asparagus, beets, almonds, and more."
2.  What advice can you give someone who has just been diagnosed with food allergies?
"You can still live a fun, full, and inclusive life with food allergies! Read every label, every time. Take your epinephrine everywhere. When in doubt, throw it out (food). You are more than your food allergy; it doesn't define you. Find a team of people, including family, friends, and peers that are willing to be educated and aware so that they can be your biggest cheerleaders for safety and inclusion." 
 3. What inspired you to become an allergy blogger?
"When our journey began back in 2009, I started out researching to learn as much about food allergies as possible. I came across a national non-profit website and saw that there was a need for a fundraising walk in my area, so I signed up to be a Walk Chair. That led to me seeing a void in the food allergy community support system for local needs."
"I then founded a statewide non-profit where we filled many needs locally, including passing legislation. In 2012 I presented the "epi in schools" bill and assisted in writing and passing this legislation with the help of my local state Senator. I've had several allergists reach out to me over the years since then and let me know if incidents (not revealing personal information), to confirm that my bill saved a life. That is the most wonderful feeling!"
"Unfortunately, it's very hard for small non-profits to thrive, and we just couldn't get enough support to continue to keep our doors open. It is also very draining emotionally to work on the advocacy side of things." 
"I still felt a need to serve as a force for good in the food allergy community, and I now share that passion through my blog." 
"I may not be impacting as many people as I was when working in the non-profit world, but it is absolutely fulfilling to know that even if I help one family, I'm making a difference." 

"Creating recipes, sharing my love for food, and helping others learn from our journey has been not only fun but extremely rewarding. Plus, as my son reached his teenage years, it is also teaching him by example how to have confidence and fun while spreading education, awareness, and advocacy."
4. You have created so many delicious, allergy-friendly recipes. What is your favorite one and why?
"My favorite recipe is my Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe. The reason being is because I've always had an ongoing promise with Stetson that if he is ever feeling left out due to his food allergy, or if he turns down a food as I've asked him to do for home-baked goods from others, cross-contamination etc., that as a reward I would make him his favorite cookie anytime these situations come up. I've made many batches of Snickerdoodles over the years, and what began as a point of leverage for a mom to train her food allergic child to choose what's safe, and some may even say bribe has become something we look forward to and enjoy. In fact, Stetson sometimes says he hopes there's something he can't have so that I have to make him my Snickerdoodles."
  5. What is your favorite Blake’s Seed Based product and why? 
 "We love Blake’s Seed Based S'mores bars!! We love to make s’mores in our family whether in the backyard around a small fire pit, or while camping around a campfire. That flavor combo of chocolate and marshmallows is like comfort food to this family!"

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